The Journey

This was actually inspired by my daughter’s recent poem, “The River.” She has an amazing, creative gift of writing. Be sure to check out her blog, Grace for the Evergreen. Blessings, and may you stay true to the journey! —Angie Stolba


When she gave her “yes” to the Lord,

she didn’t fully recognize what she was signing up for.

Completely surrendered, yet somewhat terrified,

she bravely ventured forward on the journey.


Along the way, there were victories.

There was also tremendous heartache,

betrayal, and pain.

She lost herself, only to find who she truly was inside.


She went through such a dramatic metamorphosis,

that when she emerged, she barely recognized herself.

No longer an unsightly caterpillar,

she was now a beautiful butterfly.


Her wings were now fully developed,

and she soared to new heights

that she had previously

only dreamed of.


Some were angry,

and resentful of her newfound freedom.

They were intimidated,

now that she was a butterfly.


They tried to reason with her

that it was foolish…

…even risky to leave the other caterpillars,

yet she bravely continued on her journey.


Along the way, she made it her mission

to rescue other caterpillars

and help them find true freedom,

as she, herself, had found.


The bright light that radiated from within

her truly shone in the darkness;

it gave others the courage to overcome the very things

that she, herself, had won victory over.


The journey was filled

with many twists and turns;

moments so agonizing,

that she momentarily considered turning back.


Yet, in her heart of hearts,

she knew that she had come too far on her journey,

and that turning back

was simply not an option.


Her scars told a story;

her eyes shone with a light

that the darkness could not dim,

and others were drawn to her.


She knew that the journey that the Lord had her on

was not simply about her, rather the future generations

that would one day follow in her footsteps,

reaping the benefits of what she so gallantly fought to overcome.


She continued to plow the ground,

cultivating  a new path.


You might even call her a pioneer.


Through it all, she had found great purpose in her pain.

She learned to love—

even in the midst of hate—

and she would be forever grateful for the journey.

3 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Wow!!! This piece REALLY spoke to my heart because I’m in the middle of this very ….journey. Making/ Already made the decision that I’m too far to turn back now, but too have had thoughts of sinking back. I know that I must keep moving forward. I also experienced and I’m sure with the new freedom I’m embarking upon, that I will again receive more resentment and get told about how foolish I am BUT GOD!!!! & I trust in Him!!!

  2. This is the story of my life! God has been using you to speak to me in so many ways. Thank you for your obedience.

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