Warrior, Arise!

The Lord put this on my heart this morning…

You can face anything or anyone because I love you! Let that sink down to your innermost being. My love for you is deep. My love for you is wide. My love for you is furious and my love covers you! You do not have to shrink back in the face of adverse circumstances or people. Whether man approves of you or not, it makes no difference! I am bringing you to a place in your life where you are so rooted and grounded in My perfect love for you that you will become fearless in the days ahead. You are My warrior and I take great delight in you! You will begin to laugh in the face of the enemy and in the midst of adverse circumstances. I am showing you that your joy is found solely in Me. Like the eagle, you will soar above life’s storms. You are safe with Me, My beloved. Though you feel weak, you are being made stronger. I am shaping and molding you into all that I desire you to be. Your trials are becoming your teacher and they will benefit you greatly. Nothing has been lost that I cannot restore. I am taking what use to be a stumbling block and turning it into a stepping stone. Just watch what I will do in and through you. You will benefit greatly from this wilderness season as you continue to lean into Me and embrace all that I am doing. Refiners fire: you are being purified like the gold. I have been preserving you all along and I am calling you forth for “such a time as this!” You are being made stronger, and truly your best days are just ahead!

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