The Great Exchange

Peace and joy.

These are My constant gifts to you. I am doing a healing work from the inside out! Trust that I am healing you internally and it will flow to outward healing as well. This deposit of peace and joy will be the new normal for you. You will be able to quiet yourself as you come into the secret place and drink deeply of My living water — water that restores your soul. There you will hunger and thirst no more!

I am doing a great exchange in you as you sit quietly in My Presence in these days to come; even as Mary sat at My feet. I am doing a metamorphosis in you. Surely I am taking you from the caterpillar struggling to survive and transforming you into a beautiful butterfly who will spread her wings and fly! You will soar above life’s problems and difficulties as you sit in the secret place. In My Presence I will saturate and equip you. It will change you from the inside out! My beauty and peace will flow out of you as naturally as breathing, and you will be able to expand this gift to others.


I am breaking off shame, fear, and condemnation in you. I am depositing fresh oil — My joy — along with strength, faith, and love. I can restore your joy that the enemy had once robbed.

I am giving you a double portion. It’s pay back time! You will laugh with Me. We will run, leap, and rejoice together. We will ascend to new heights together — together we will soar! Wherever you set foot, that land will be yours (Deuteronomy 11:24), and JOY EVERLASTING will be your portion!

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