Your Victory is Found in Me

“Surely I am with you, even in what appears to be a drought.

“Am I not the God that caused Jacob to prosper when there was a famine in the land? Surely I am with you and mighty in your midst. You are strong, and you are a powerful individual in Me. Your best days are ahead of you. Fear not, My child. It is I who takes hold of your right hand and leads you by the still waters.

“That which you fear will not come upon you. Keep your eyes on Me, not on the circumstances or the waves that seek to toss you to and fro. I am faithful. I am trustworthy. Surely my hand is upon you so you may prosper and that nothing may harm you (Jeremiah 29:11).

“None of your pain has been wasted or has gone unseen by Me. You are being molded into My master plan. Remember that My grace is sufficient for you, and My power is made perfect in weakness. You will mount up and soar with wings of eagles; you’ll run and not be weary, run, and not grow faint,” says the Lord.


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