Bringing Life to the Broken Places

Give Me all that is broken in your life. You’ve been overwhelmed at all the disorder and chaos. It seems that everywhere you look you see broken and fragmented pieces of dreams yet to be fulfilled. There are events and situations in your life that have not turned out as you had hoped or desired. This has left you feeling disillusioned and with fractured faith. At times, your life journey has left you brokenhearted and weary, but I would say, “Lift up your head! Lift your eyes, My precious one!” I am the Restorer of all things, the Mender of broken hearts and broken lives. Who but I can bring beauty for ashes? I can restore all that the locust have eaten. I say to you, “Let hope arise!”

Isaiah 30:15 – “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength …”

“It is not by might nor by power, but by my spirit,” says the Lord (Zechariah 4:6). Even during this sacred, holy day of remembrance, things seem as dark as it was on that Good Friday 2000 years ago. It may seem as if there is no hope in sight. Yet My precious Son hung on the cross and gave his life as a ransom for all; and in three days, He rose again. In the same way, these broken pieces of your life will come together as a sign of the glory and goodness of the Lord!

I would encourage you today not to be in despair. Even as I raised Jesus from the dead, I can take the seemingly ‘dead’ things of your life and raise them once more. I can bring life into those things that once seemed hopeless. Unfulfilled revelations, lost dreams, heavy heartache … look to me and expect great things! I am your Restorer! I am your Healer! I can do exceedingly above and beyond all you could ask or think. I love you, and I am for you. Let your hope and faith come back to life. Rejoice! Again, I say rejoice in Me.

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