Do Not Retreat!

The enemy is putting up a lot of smoke and mirrors right now, trying to intimidate many of the Lord’s forerunners; he wants to get them to turn back because the giants in the land seem too big (Numbers 13:32-33). Even so, I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying today, “The enemy is trying to intimidate you because he is terrified at the grounds you are taking. However, do not retreat or relent, rather set your face like flint (Isaiah 50:7) and continue to walk forward,” says the Lord.


“There are more for you than against you. Be encouraged, for everywhere your foot treads I will give you the land (Joshua 1:3)! This is your time and this is your season,” declares the Lord. “Be bold and courageous, and keep walking forward! Do not retreat, for I will be with you wherever you go. Your victory is assured,” declares the Lord of Hosts!

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