A Marker Year of Upgrade, Great Change, and Unprecedented Favor

I hear the Lord say, “2020 will be a marker year! This year you will experience My favor and upgrade like you’ve not known before. Yes, you have experienced the trickle of My blessing, but this year, you will know it like a flood! I will open up the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing you do not have room to contain (Malachi 3:10).

“Many of you have gone into this year feeling tested by seemingly unusual warfare, but you can be assured that this is simply conformation of the size and magnitude of the unusual blessing that is coming! Hold your peace; do not be moved by what you see in the natural, nor by the circumstances that the enemy has sought to bring against you, for he is simply showing his hand. Again I say to you, hold your peace! You are on the verge of a massive breakthrough.

“I am rapidly accelerating you! Even now, I am lining things up behind the scenes to shift and propel you into your new season. There will be some who will be shocked at how quickly I will move you forward, but do not be afraid. Indeed, what has taken some years to accomplish will take only moments for you.


Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade! 2020 will be the year of upgrade and unprecedented favor for My faithful servants. Like Joseph, you have been thrown into a pit and have experienced betrayal by those who should have stayed by you. Even so, I’m using it and turning it all around for your good. Truly, what the enemy has meant for your harm and destruction, I will use for your good. You have stood strong, you have sown many tears, and you have trusted, even when you haven’t understood. Now you will see how everything was worth it in the end. You will say with tears in your eyes, ‘My Father is faithful, and never once did He leave my side.

“Rejoice; again I say, rejoice! This is your year and this is your season to come out of captivity. You will break forth from the shackles that the enemy sought to keep you bound in, for this is the year I make everything new! Look no more to the former, instead, only look ahead. Your future is bright and bursting with the promise and fulfilment of all I’ve spoken over you. This is your year to come full circle. You will see and know My goodness in the land of the living, and your testimony will be Psalm 34:8 ⁠— ‘O taste and see that the Lord is good!’ Thank Me now and rejoice at what I’m about to do,” says the Lord!


Hi, friends ⁠—

I would like to invite you to sow into this powerful Word of the Lord as we head into 2020 together. As you sow, please name your seed and the breakthrough you are believing for so that I can pray and intercede on your behalf.

Thank you for your partnership with this ministry; your love and support are greatly appreciated.

Angie Stolba

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