“I am well pleased with you. This is where I desire you to live — submitted to Me and My ways; yielded in one hundred percent surrender. Your life has been hard, so it is hard for you to trust. Still, I am teaching you the joy and beauty of releasing and surrendering everything into my sovereign control. I can take care of you so much better than you can take care of yourself. I know what you need even more than you do, and I deserve to bless you — not harm you — more than you can possibly imagine. Trust My plan and My ways even if you don’t understand them. You can still trust and rest in My goodness.

“I can take any event or circumstance in your life and weave good and beauty into it when it is released to Me. I want you to know that your heavenly Father loves you and is so very pleased with you. You see the times you fall and condemn yourself, but I don’t. I see how you are trying. I see that even when you slip your heart is tender towards me, and you get right back up and keep running the race. Your heart and the posture of it means so much to Me.


“Truly you are growing in leaps and bounds in this season. Though it is very difficult to your flesh, you don’t see or perceive as I do, for My thoughts and My ways are higher. Know that you are doing well, My child. Keep running your race. There is beauty just around the bend. Death will soon give way to abundant life. Your hard season — this season of labor, travail, and birthing — is about ready to yield a great harvest. You and your seed (your children) are generational. You are leaving a magnificent legacy and even the seemingly small things that you are sowing into them matters. Keep up the good work. I’m proud of you.

“‘Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you’ [Isaiah 60:1]

“Don’t quit; keep pressing. Breakthrough is at hand. The hour is now!

“I love you. You can trust that My plan for you and your family is good. Trust me,” says the Lord.

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