“Two Copper Pennies and Some Oil”

**NOTE: Hello everyone! This is a word that the Lord gave my eleven year old daughter a few days ago during her prayer and journaling time. I pray it blesses you as much as it has me. –Angie**


When all we have left is ourselves, give it up to God.

Have you ever been in a strategic season of waiting? A time when all you can do is cling to God with the tiniest sliver of hope that He’ll bring you out of the pit of desperation? Desperation for God to answer; desperation for a change? Waiting in God’s still and peaceful presence is the best thing you can do to have your little “escape time” from life’s hectic situations. When you take time out of your day to relax from life’s unpredictable and unbearable situations, it refreshes your soul with God’s unfailing love and not life’s stressful ways. This also makes God so pleased that during this lopsided path He is carefully guiding you through you still make the decision of wholeheartedly serving Him. You are clinging to Him desperately with faith smaller than a mustard seed and He will not let you slip. He is holding on to you even when you don’t feel His grasp. When we have nothing left, humbly give ourselves to God. We feel like poor widow who sacrificed her two copper coins to the offering. We feel like the dying woman who diligently offered her last pot of oil to Elijah; the prophet of Jehovah Jireh, Elohim! We solemnly surrender to Jesus, our loving personal savior. Then He reveals to us that the widow gave more than all of the offering in the bucket combined; for she gave out of everything she had, rather than a portion in abundance. And the poor lady and her son did not die from hunger because she diligently obeyed the servant of the most High God, and got blessed with and overflow of oil. If you are in a strategic season of waiting for a change, have hope. God hears your desperate cry and he won’t rebuke you!

–Karissa, 7-5-14

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